Brian Vogt

 Artist Bio

I’m Brian Vogt and creating visual art is my passion.  Believe it or not, I actually get paid to draw, paint, color and make amazing things on the computer.  Most importantly, I get to tell stories, capture peoples imaginations and even control human emotion.  I have a deep desire to create. My creativity comes from a detailed observation of the world I live in. I embrace day-dreaming and look for any excuse to shake things up, experiment and ask the big questions.
I had the pleasure of going to art school at (MICA) Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, earning a BFA in Illustration.  While in school I worked for Ottenheimer Publishing as an illustrator / design artist, mostly illustrating children’s books for companies like Hasbro CO.  Aside from illustration, I became interested in animation and decided to continue my education at (RIT) Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, earning an MFA degree in Computer Animation and Independent Film Making.  While attending school at RIT, I worked for Bergmann Associates creating 3D visualizations for future engineering and architecture projects.  Currently, I work for CBS Television City in Hollywood California as a visual effects CG Supervisor.  In my 11 years at CBS I have had the opportunity to work on hit shows like “ 24″ and “Modern Family” and with large scale clients like Disney and Sony Image Works.  Our team is now changing the way films and shows are created using our virtual sets and VR systems.

Demo Reel